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International Charitable Foundation Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital”

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International Charitable Foundation
Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital”
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About the foundation


We joined our forces for the sake of Peace, Freedom, European development and our future. We established nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations to become united at these hard times, and to help our Country, to help people to defend our freedom, dignity, our choice and Nation.

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help soldiers ATO assistance to refugees help women with infants warm clothes for the children of refugees from the area of ​​ATO

help wounded soldiers Help Ukrainian soldiers assistance to refugees help honey preparations fighters ATO

assistance from the Fund Spital Maidan Products for Refugees medicines for fighters ATO warm clothes for the Ukrainian military

A few words about us, our organizations, and activities. Our goal is the strong nation, the sole Ukraine, the sole nation, independence in all directions, peace, economic and social development.


We have chosen three areas – children, people, the army. These are the three pillars of our work and our future. Healthy, educated, well-cared children are the healthy nation, which has its own choice and tomorrow. Only people, common people have to determine their own future, their family and Motherland development path. The Army must be strong, brave and battleworthy, loyal to its children, parents, its nation, so they could sleep and awake with joy and hope for a peaceful future.
The story of our organizations formation doesn’t abound with romantic details. Just a few likeminded people gathered and decided to create a team, to start implementing the old mental principle – “you must do something and do something real”. We decided to give a helping hand to ill children. The goal was simple and rather banal, as it seems at first glance – just to help and to help virtually, not the whole planet but each separate child.
Our first foundation is “Global Help for Children of Ukraine”. But we didn’t manage to realize all the ideas and projects. Maidan has come, as well as hope, belief, pain of loss and a lot of work that was organized and done by one more organization IF “Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital”, that functions actively since February, 2014. As part of the fund we carry out social, psychological, medical, educational, economic, and consulting assistance to injured during the period of November, 2013 till now. RC “Maidan Hospital” took care of more than 2,000 people from Maidan, who underwent complex rehabilitation courses. 250 people were taken for rehabilitation by Ukrainian health resorts free of charge, including free roundtrip transportation by train. All this titanic work was done by ordinary people who, due to circumstances and the desire for a better life, became volunteers. Volunteer physicians, volunteer drivers, volunteer businessmen, volunteer students, volunteer retirees, volunteer teachers and many others, all of them were united by breath of Freedom and Hope – Maidan.

We realized that having united we are able to change our life and Country. Together – we are a community, we are force. We joined likeminded people and volunteers into nonprofit organization “Maidan Medics and Volunteers.” We organized injured and wounded people delivery to rehabilitation and treatment in Poland. After that we took them back from clinics and brought home.

There’s no peace and harmony on the territory of Ukraine today, namely military operations are being held in the south-eastern regions, people are killed, houses are destroyed, families are broken up, children suffer. Dozens of families leave military operations zones, run away in search of peace. Resulting from events in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine we took responsibility to help families of displaced people. We are issuing permanent food parcels and clothing to families of displaced people. We also help with employment.
Owing to efforts of our organizations “Rehabilitation Center”, “Maidan hospital”, “Global Help for Children of Ukraine” and nonprofit organization “Maidan Medics and Volunteers”, the center for reception and giving accommodation to displaced people was opened and still operates in “Teteriv” health resort, Zhytomyr region, namely for mothers with children. This health resort did not operate for over a year, water and sewer system was destroyed, and there were debts for utilities (electricity). “Teteriv” health resort was started up again and now it accepts emigrees and displaced people. We have organized and brought to this place over 100 volunteers, who repaired and reconstructed the building, brought necessary food and things, so they could accept first families of emigrees. At present there are 450 people, 270 of them are children.
We are patriots, citizens and volunteers. We are the ones who care about Ukraine’s fate, its present and future.
We have created round-the-clock center for receiving, processing, ordering and rapid response to calls from those, who need help. The full cycle system is operating — for emigrees and displaced people gathering and transportation from ATO areas to Kyiv, and then their allocation in different regions of Ukraine.
The eastern branch of RC ”Maidan Hospital” are the two camps for displaced people in town Pokrovske and Chervonoarmiysk. These camps are independent, having a full cycle – reception, catering, accommodation, medical and psychological assistance, travel by rail or road to Kyiv, then by road to “Teteriv” and “Dzherelo” health resorts or to Lviv and Chernivtsi. Over 50 people, while on chronic dialysis (extracorporeal detoxification), were evacuated from ATO zone and placed in hospitals. There were children among them, they needed the fastest assistance. People were saved.
Everything is done concertedly and fast, by our volunteers for free. The special group among all the displaced people consists of pregnant women and women with babies under 1 year.
Our team has placed special emphasis on this problem naming it “Neonatal project”.
This project includes complex aid for women and babies in Kyiv prenatal center, as well as specialized help in “Zhovten” health resort. Women with babies were also placed on the base of “Baby House”, which was opened by our foundation “Global Help for Children of Ukraine” in Mezhyhirya. 50 women with new-born babies are currently in this project.


The Foundation “Global Help for Children of Ukraine” along with the Polish partners have developed and realizes several charitable programs for children. The program “Children of Ukrainian Heroes” is aimed at healthcare and psychological rehabilitation for kids of military men, taking part in military operations in the Eastern Ukraine, or those having been wounded or killed there. 30 children of military and frontiers men were rehabilitated in Poland in charitable camp “World-Wide Help for Children of Ukraine”. Our Polish partners help us implement a program for children with infantile cerebral paralysis syndrome. Some kids were rehabilitated in Poland.
Now there are six objects with displaced people under the guidance of our organizations, including such health resorts as: “Teteriv”, “Dzherelo” in Puscha Vodytsia, “Baby House” in Mezhyhirya and camp in Vorzel.


Medical and psychological rehabilitation center for emigrees, displaced people and combatants is being equipped at “Dzherelo” health resort. The center will be opened in coming days.
Our effort is made to ensure full supply of these objects: food, clothes, medicine, healthcare, psychological help.
Privat card for displaced people help: 4149625801665397, Igor Bykov



Regularly we provide medical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Natshvardiya battalions, participating in ATO in the East. Recently we have delivered about 100,000 bottles of broad-spectrum antibiotics to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Natshvardiya and Border-security Forces, for free. We also develop, produce and sort individual “first aid kits” and “first aid bags” for Natshvardiya, then send everything to battalions.
Any help for our Armed forces and Natshvardiya at hard times like these is vital. It must be prompt, timely and professional. Everyone should do what he can professionally.
Privat card for military ammunition purchase: 4149625801665397, Igor Bykov



We, medics and volunteers, form “International Medical Battalion”, which consists of military doctors, physicians, medics-volunteers, volunteers from around the world.
«International Medical Battalion» is made up of the staff, medical equipment, medical devices, vehicles and communications. «International Medical Battalion» is created for a successful mobile and organizing medical aid to the wounded during the local military conflict, industrial accidents, industrial, natural and environmental disasters, and — in particular — for military surgery.
Upon formation completion “International Medical Battalion” must be sent to ATO zone for providing professional medical care to the wounded and injured. The battalion will work as a mobile military hospital. In peacetime, the «International Medical Battalion» will take part in international projects to provide medical assistance to victims of military conflicts and natural disasters around the world.
Without any government support we must search for help from other charity foundations and organizations, from sponsors, patrons and producers.
For the fastest staffing of «International Medical battalion» we need:
1. Helicopter air ambulance — 1 pc.
2. Pick up (like Mitsubishi L-200) — 2 pcs.
3. Armored Ambulance — 2 pcs.
4. Ambulance — 2 pcs.
5. Car — tractor — 4 pcs.
6. Military shelter — 2 pcs.
7. Trauma/General Surgery Air module — 1 pc.
8. Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Air module — 1 pc.
9. Intensive Therapy Air module -1 pc.
10. Surgical Air module — 1 pc.
11. Emergency care and surgical equipment.

The list of all the things needed will be constantly updated.

Privat card for medicines and medical equipment purchase: 4149625801665397, Igor Bykov
We are at the beginning of a long, complex and arduous road, and we are moving forward, albeit small, but firm and sure steps we go along the way of help and hope. We are open to everyone and for all people who care about the fate of children, common people, the people of Ukraine. Those who want — they help, those who don’t ………. are arguing and looking for the guilty … .

We are grateful to everyone for Help, Support and Understanding.

Respect, Hope and Belief from
“Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital”, “Global Help for Children of Ukraine”, “Maidan Medics and Volunteers”, «International Medical Battalion.»
We can be found at: Kyiv.
Together we are invincible. Together we are Force. Glory to Ukraine!

Tel. for joining the «International Medical Battalion»:
+38 068 790 30 45; +38 063 535 07 04
Our foundations and organizations requisite details for financial charity support.
For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Natshvardiya, «International Medical Battalion» supply, displaced people:

1. Сharity Foundation “Rehabilitation center “The Hospital of Maidan”

Bank account 26004052729426 (UAH) in PJSC «PRYVATBANK», Dnipropetrovsk, MFO 300711, EDRPOU 39195919
Beneficiary: Сharity Foundation “Rehabilitation center “The Hospital of Maidan”, Kiev, Ukraine.
IBAN Code: UA983007110000026005052728448, Acc. 26005052728448 (USD)
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